Thursday, May 31, 2012


I love the beginnning of summer, the warmer weather, longer days, BBQ's, and best of all, peonies. Of course I love roses, but peonies are definitely my favorite flower. I ended up cutting the majority of the peonies in my garden and decided to put my camera to work and share these beauties with you all, enjoy!

The beautiful Sarah Bernhardt peony

Sarah Bernhardt peonies are by far my favorite peony, they are large, fragrant, and have a double pink flower that blooms early June-July.

This lovely euro sham is from Bella Notte Linens. I love their linens, they are of high quality, and best of all, machine washable!

Okay, let's get back to peonies.

The white peony you see here is the Festiva Maxima, its large double white flower is very fragrant. And when I mean fragrant, it just takes one cut stem to put in a small bathroom and the scent is filled.

With all that pink and white, let's change things up a bit and introduce......

The Karl Rosenfeld peony is slightly fragrant, but that's okay because it's vivid double red flower is just enough to make you smile and say ahhhhh.

I hope you all enjoyed this post on peonies from my garden. These flowers are truly breathtaking and are perfect in my eyes. If only they were repeat flowering like roses I would truly be happy, but I guess we can't have everything.
Take care everyone!
Big Hugs, Melissa


Fishtail Cottage said...

Your peonies are gorgeous! Thank you for linking up to this weeks Garden Party over here at Fishtail Cottage! xoxo, tracie

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Melissa ~ absolutely beautiful, off to pin!

Melissa Anderson said...

Thank you so much! Big hugs! Melissa

gartenmalereien said...

Hi Melissa beautiful shots really amazing
I am also in the Rose and Peoniesfever...!
Thank god for June

Melissa Anderson said...

Thank you Stephanie! It was so hard to choose the images for my blog because these flowers are just so beautiful.

Kelly said...

Your peonies are just gorgeous! I love all of your pictures of them. That first one is like out of a magazine!