Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Missing my garden

Lately we have been encountering some above normal temperatures for February here in Connecticut. These warmer temps are making me feel anxious to get digging in the dirt. But for now all I can do is just look at the pictures I took from my garden.
I hope you can find some inspiration from these photos, so let's take a walk through my garden.

I love mixing catmint with my roses, I think it compliments them very well.

The climbing rose "America", even more beautiful in person. Such a great rose, train it as a climber or keep pruning it and keep it as a large shrub, you choose.

I purchased this basket at a tag sale for only $3.00! You never know what you can find at these things.

Oh foxglove, how I love you.

One of the most popular climbers, "Blaze"

More foxglove paired with catmint, just dreamy.

This small hedge of roses is of "Bonica" in the pink, and the red are "Red Meidilland" not sure if I spelled it correctly. Bonica is such a fruity smelling rose that is just so pretty and feminine, great for making quick dainty fresh arrangement for your bedside table, or bathroom. I just love it.

I hope you enjoyed your stroll through my garden.
Have a great day everyone! Muah!