Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pretty Wreath

This past week has been abnormally warm, with some record breaking temperatures. I'm definitely not complaining because I love me some warm weather. However, I have been keeping busy with a number of projects. First, I made this beautiful wreath for Michele at Michele's Cottage Gifts in Plantsville, CT.

The wreath was filled with pink peonies, dried statice, and beautiful greens that helped make it lush and garden-like. I must say the dried statice isn't the most fun working with, I think my fingers were pricked way too many times, ouch!

I also added this beautiful green netted ribbon. I love intertwining ribbon in a number of my designs.

After the wreath was complete, I was off to tackle a new project, the cabinet in my bathroom.

It was painted cream, however I felt it needed a change, so off I went to get paint samples. I will create a post just focusing on my cabinet project. But one thing I will tell you is I'm thinking of making it gray and adding some appliques.
Well I'm off to tackle my project, happy weekend everyone!

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