Thursday, April 19, 2012

What a Find!

After weeks of searching on Craigslist for something to catch my eye, I came across this piece.

The glass on the main door was broken, but I saw that as an easy, inexpensive fix. There was no knob, however that did not bother me at all because that would be an easy fix as well.

This piece was moldy and just screamed to be taken home by somebody and given some TLC, and apparently it yelled out my name loud enough because for only forty dollars, yes you read that correctly, forty dollars how could I walk away from this piece, how?
After a lot of cleaning and painting, the finished product turned out........

The lock that previously was on the door was removed and replaced with this pretty crystal knob.

As you can see the glass on the door was replaced with new glass, I really wanted to replace it with beveled glass but this piece wasn't made with a thick enough depth to hold a beveled piece. Oh well, I'll take this over the broken taped up piece.

There are still parts on the wood that are chippy and a bit broken, however I feel that adds to the charm and I kind of like it. It took a while for me to decide what to paint this piece, at first I was thinking cream, but lately I have really been liking pale gray colors and noticed I did not have much furniture in that color.
It took a while to complete this piece and I must say I am satisfied. Now I am off to tackle my next project on my list and once I complete it, you bet I'll post and share it with you.
Warm Hugs, Melissa :)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!~
You did an amazing job!!!
Hope you have a lovely night.

Melissa Anderson said...

Thank you so much Melinda! You are too sweet! Big hugs, Melissa

Marcela Gmd said...

Great work!!! nice blog!!
Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

Michele said...

Your piece from Craigslist turned out amazing! The knob is perfect. I really enjoy painting things I find on craigs list too.


Melody said...

Melissa, this turned out great. I like that you replaced the glass and the knob is gorgeous. I keep looking for a piece similar to this with no or broken glass! Love that era for furniture, all the great details. You and I have a very similar esthetic! I'm now a follower :-)

AntiqueChase said...

wow you gave that a new life!